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      Ports and Terminals

      Increased seaborne coal demand, primarily from Asia, is creating shifts in traditional supply patterns. With the United States holding 30% of the world’s proven coal reserves, U.S. port capacity is expanding to unlock new business overseas.

      Large coal ship being onloaded

      Arch is expanding international coal sales with dedicated seaborne port capacity on the East, West and Gulf Coasts.

      Seaborne Trade

      Demand from developing Asia is putting immense pressure on global energy supplies at an unprecedented pace. Nearly 3 billion people live in developing nations with rapidly expanding economies. These nations are increasingly turning to the seaborne markets to supplement their growing energy needs. We expect U.S. coal to factor heavily in this equation.

      Machine working on car in plant

      Arch supplies coal to power producers, steel makers, manufacturing plants and other end users on five continents.

      Exporters and Importers

      Coal is truly a global industry. It is mined commercially in over 50 countries and used in over 70 countries. Extensive transportation systems exist to move coal to market, whether the final destination is within a country’s borders or across the globe. Two large developing nations, China and India, are driving much of the change in global coal supply flow patterns, with the potential to nearly double coal imports by 2015.

      Hong Kong financial district at night

      Our international sales teams in Asia-Pacific and Europe are helping grow Arch’s U.S. coal exports.

      Improving Education

      At Arch Coal we believe the most powerful resources for creating a better world exist in classrooms and communities. That’s why we dig deep into education-related projects with our hearts and hands. Whether we’re mentoring students in the classroom, honoring teachers on stage or hosting school tours at our mines, we’re passionate about doing our part to support quality education in our communities.

      Teacher Achievement Award recipient

      We honor 22 Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Award recipients with a total of $77,000 each year.

      Protecting Resources

      Arch Coal’s commitment to employee safety and environmental care is an essential and ongoing part of our business. First and foremost, we protect our human resources through education and safe work practices. And as a responsible natural resource company, we mine in a careful manner to protect our neighbors and the indigenous fauna and flora. On a global scale, the coal-based energy industry is investing billions to advance clean coal technologies, through university programs, public-private partnerships and direct investment.

      Responsible stewards

      Arch leads the U.S. coal industry in safety performance and environmental compliance among large, diversified producers.

      Providing Jobs

      The mining sector provides one of the largest job pools in the United States. Specific to coal mining, more than 500,000 American jobs rely on the U.S. coal industry either directly or indirectly. And the U.S. coal industry contributes more than $60 billion to the country’s gross domestic product each year.

      Arch Coal employees

      Arch has more than 5,000 U.S.-based employees in nine states, plus our international marketing and sales teams in Europe and Asia.

      Efficient Energy

      Energy is a basic human need. Modern life is unimaginable without electricity. Access to electricity increases life expectancy, lifts people out of poverty and drives industrialization. Advances in technology and power plant efficiency are making coal use increasingly clean. Case in point, 21st century coal-fueled plants produce only 10% of the air emissions as compared to original 1970s power plants, according to NETL. More than 250 gigawatts of new coal-fueled plant capacity are under construction around the world.

      New York, New York

      As the fuel source for 7% of America’s electricity, Arch Coal is proud to play a major role in powering life.

      Inherent Advantages

      Coal is the backbone of many economies because it is the most affordable and abundant fossil fuel. Coal is also well-established and reliable – from stable pricing to consistent availability to safe transportation and storage.

      Coal train

      Arch is the most diversified American coal company, providing customers with maximum sourcing flexibility.

      Proven Resource

      With nearly 30% of the globe’s proven and probable reserves, the United States has the most plentiful coal deposits in the world. Plentiful coal supplies translate into lower fuel prices for power generation and ultimately to lower electric bills for families and businesses. On average, Americans pay $0.11 per kilowatt-hour, whereas Japanese and Italians pay double that electricity rate.

      Arch Coal mine

      Arch is the second largest U.S. coal reserve holder, with a coal reserve base of more than 5 billion tons.

      Crude Steel

      Global steel production is dependent on coal. Metallurgical grade coal is a vital ingredient in two-thirds of global steel production each year. The United States already plays a sizable and increasingly essential role in global metallurgical coal markets as the world’s second largest exporter of coking coal. Growing demand for metallurgical coal, coupled with scarcity of supply, create a premium in the marketplace for high-quality met coals.

      Pouring of liquid metal

      Arch plans to significantly grow metallurgical coal volumes to capitalize on the global steel boom.

      Steel Production

      World crude steel production has increased 68% since 2000, and demand continues to grow robustly. The World Steel Association projects that steel consumption will climb by more than 50% by 2020. That’s where coking and PCI coals come in. The largest steel producing countries – China, Japan, India, USA and Russia – rely heavily and increasingly on metallurgical coal from the United States. Coal is vital to nearly 70% of the world’s steel production.

      Global steel boom

      Arch's new Leer mine is a world-class metallurgical coal mining complex that supplies premium quality coking coal to steel makers.

      Steel Use

      Nations are urbanizing rapidly and building factories, railroads, power plants, bridges and office buildings in the process. This infrastructure needs steel, and lots of it. Steel use worldwide increased nearly 70% between 2000 and 2010. China increased steel use over 400% during the same 10-year time span. Because coal is a vital ingredient in the steel-making process, growth in steel demand translates to growth in metallurgical coal demand.

      Global steel boom

      Arch is among the world's top 10 metallurgical coal suppliers.

      Strong. Essential. Driven.

      Arch Coal (NYSE: ARCH) is a leading natural resource company. We produce high-quality metallurgical and thermal coal, used to manufacture steel and generate electricity. Through our strong operating portfolio we are uniquely positioned to supply safe, responsible and essential resources to these two distinct markets.


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